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Posted by The Dream Guards on Thursday, 11 May 2017

Steve McLuckie – Varsity College

Steve Dart – Play Hard Sports Equipment

Gerry Maloney – Toogoolawa School

Dream Guards Fundraiser Video Testimonials

Thank you for all our amazing Dream Guards video testimonials on our inaugural Dream Guards Fundraiser Event. Your support on the evening and the lead up to our event was extraordinary and we are so grateful.

Posted by The Dream Guards on Thursday, 17 August 2017

“Thanks, Dream Guards for an amazing show and a lot of laughs.

My son went into your show feeling quite down and deflated after his coach for his outside of school sport, had said some very immature and nasty names to him and his teammates last night.

At only 9 he has endured a lot of bullying, overcoming a lot of verbal and even horrific physical abuse at another school, he thought an "adult" would know to behave better.

It didn't take long watching your show before he started to smile, then laugh and then watching him I could see he really enjoyed himself.
This afternoon that's all he has talked about, he has even come to me and said: "Mum, I know my coach is wrong, I am not the things he said, maybe he was thinking about how he feels about himself when he was saying them!"”

Robyn SmithHead Coordinator Assisi Catholic College OSHC

“Check out these two. They have not been immune from the "sad or bad" of life.... they just chose to "turn it to glad" instead of "mad".

Guarding dreams is their only mission in life. Holistically... not just mind... but body, soul & spirit as well and equally so. Invite them to bring to your people not only their laughs and quirky take on life, but their passion for dreams and how to finally overcome all the "thieves and deep, scary waters".

The best part? This team understands kids and hopefully lay the foundations for a future filled with stability, courage & liberty. "No adults allowed" so bring your inner kid, the dreamer, the playful you... bring them and see what happens.

Let these two infect you. Chur!”

Michael Darragh

“My granddaughter and I, along with the entire room, thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment and energy the Dream Guards, and a small army of volunteers put on for us. Donna-Leigh and Michael skilfully wove together a masterpiece of education, empowerment, and just plain fun as they provided sage advice using their P.E.A.C.E. strategy for dealing with the scourge of bullying that is so rampant in our schools, workplace, and society. It was so much fun watching all the very young children sitting in front of the stage absolutely mesmerized by the stories and the magic presented to them. And of course, they were crazy about the balloon creations given to all of them.

It’s nice to see so much support for two special souls who care so deeply about bullying, and the effects of bullying, that they have devoted their lives to getting their P.E.A.C.E. message out to help everyone, and in particular our young children. All the destruction and pain of bullying must stop and I hope everyone will support this truly worthwhile cause.”

Dave Fox

“For our KP Day of Action Against Bullying today, we welcomed the Dream Guards to share their powerful anti-bullying message. Through their high energy, engaging and interactive live stage show, our students have been empowered to take a positive, strong stand against bullying. The delivery of their P.E.A.C.E tools has created the pathway to allow us, as a school community, to have a common language and tools to empower children to believe in themselves and feel strong when faced with adverse situations.

Kimberley Park State School (Learning Engagement Officer)

“An amazing, inspirational/creative couple, truly making a difference. Their stories will touch your soul and bring you to tears but their message P.E.A.C.E is empowering and I believe will transform/save many lives. Great examples of how you can turn any experience around for the good and not be a victim. ”

Deonne Collins

“P.E.A.C.E the BEST anti-bullying presentation I have ever seen. All schools must adopt many anti-bullying messages over each year. The Dreamguards engage with fun humour and imagination - even the adults were joining in.
So book them NOW and let's protect our children with love and knowledge and POWER!!! LOVE these guys.”

Paula Brand

“They are amazingly full of energy and empower our children to have the strength to not let bullies bring their spirit down and to not give up.”

Angela Neumann

“Donna Leigh Perfect and Micheal Bennett. you are both exceptionally creative in bringing a dark situation to light. Anti-Bullying and sharing it with Peace, love, and positivity through the Nation. I am honoured as are my friends to be there with you both n Team Dreamgaurds on the 3 June to support such a great cause. It takes special people who are passionate about making a noise with something generally others won't touch. Blessings babe❤xxx”

Michelle Thompson

“Absolutely amazing. You guys are brilliant. Thankyou for the great work that you do. Keep up the great work. A must see for every family member. You won't be disappointed. Xo”

Catherine Pellow

“Donna and Michael are the “perfect” couple, we met them on a cruise just over a year ago, Michael is a great comedian and mentor, Donna is an amazing, inspirational lady, together they ooze passion, encourage dreams, give encouragement and make whoever cross their paths feel special, their work to help our youth and beyond is their calling they are so blessed to have “found” each other and be able to work together to make their hopes and dreams of a bully free world come true, let’s all give a helping hand ????to get their bus on the road ! ????”

Suzi White

“The Dream Guards are amazing, their show will touch the hearts and minds of their entire audience, every child and every educator should experience the Dream Guards I wish for Donna and Michael to share their message with as many people as possible �their work”

Theresa Strachan

“Donna and Michael are truly inspiring beautiful people. They are so passionate about what they do ❤ Keep up your amazing work!!”

Ritchie Smith

“We were planning to see your show on Sunday but we battled a virus instead.
My friend went to your show and I just want to share a message she sent to me:

“”Dream Guards show was absolutely amazing!!! I was humming about going. It was so worth it!!!! I’m so glad I went. Lily went to school with a flyer and went to see her principal. She was so excited to tell them all about. She loved the Dream Guards. She couldn't take her eyes off them. Hasn't stopped talking about them. She says she is not scared of her bullies anymore. She is so glad I took her to the show!””


Petra Tarnhamn

You really delivered an amazing, inspirational, empowering, funny and beautiful show!!! I had SO many good laughs...and some tears! ????????????????❤ Such an important message to all the children...AND us adults! ????????
I drove my car home with a very warm, fussy feeling in my heart! ❤ I think you created a lot of hope to many little hearts today! ???????? Thank you!

And thank you Viviene Simpson that you brought the Dream Guards to VSSS ❤

But I do have 1 question....

Petra Tarnhamn

“The Dream Guard Show is the best show we have had in our centre in the last 10 years!"”

Ximena Reyes Jr

“Thank you to Donna, Michael, parents, and students for making this so successful. I am so glad that by deciding to have the school fund this show, every student got to participate. It was well worth it. I'm only sorry that I didn't get to see it all and missed Mrs. Ducie on stage playing her air guitar. Every student I spoke to after it had something positive to say. Well done everyone.”

Viviene Simpson (Principal Veresdale Scrub State School)

“ Thank you sooo much, Michael and Donna, for your anti-bullying presentation this morning at my children’s school! This would have to be the most empowering, entertaining, hilarious, strong presentations that I have ever seen!!! Your passion, love, strength, and energy shone and you had all the kids, teachers and parents involved. I had several loud laughs from the extremely funny humour by Michael and a sad teary moment when you Donna told your story. I really hope that you guys have made a difference and a change to the children’s lives this morning. I highly recommend Dream Guard’s to any school or organisation. PEACE out Bro lol

100% agree with everything you said Sarah!
Such an amazing show. Jaimi Lee

As soon as Donna mentioned what she saw with her Mum that got me and the tears started as I went through those last moments with my Mum when I was 20 ???? I would follow Dream Guards around from show to show because I absolutely loved it!!!!!! High 5 guys. Sarah McWatt ”

Sarah McWatt
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