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We turn Principals into Rockstars Young Children into

Unshakeable Leaders of Tomorrow.

The Dream Guards have a brand new method for you that gives primary school kids the edge in this ever increasingly competitive world. Your children will learn to tap the hidden courage within. They will learn how to be resilient and overcome roadblocks they inevitably face in their lives, with tangible tools empowering them to become self-confident and stand up to bullying in a positive way.

How children react to life’s challenges will determine how happy they are, and how successful they become.

The harsh reality is, many children from perfect homes and warm communities in great schools, don’t make it through.

The price their families and the community pay, in the long run, is very heavy.

We can do something about that. We offer a fun and engaging way to set your kids up for success.

Investing in The Dream Guards, you will be literally transforming young people’s lives and the health and well-being of your community.



One hour fully interactive, and engaging live production stage show which fertilizes the imagination using motivational magic, humor, and real-life story showing.

Complimenting The Dream Guards live stage show you will receive access to our unique 12-month Dream Guards Perfect P.E.A.C.E  Program reinforcing the inspirational messages shared on stage. These modules will be facilitated by your teachers through a powerpoint presentation in classroom activities. Teachers notes and guided information provided.

Here is a break down of the DREAM GUARDS Perfect P.E.A.C.E Program

Primary School Years

Prep – Year 3

Encompassing 26 modules

  • Overview of The Dream Guards unique resilient building P.E.A.C.E tools

  • Learn The P.E.A.C.E Rap

  • Self-talk.

  • Positive affirmations brainstorming.

  • Dealing with emotions in a positive way.

  • Expressing how you feel- Kids Helpline.

  • Breathing techniques.

  • Friendships

  • Healthy Lifestyles

Years 4-6

Encompassing 24 Modules

  • Overview of The Dream Guards unique resilient building P.E.A.C.E tools

  • Learn The P.E.A.C.E Rap

  • Self-talk.

  • Positive affirmations brainstorming.

  • Failure to success

  • Dealing with emotions in a positive way.

  • Expressing how you feel- Kids Helpline.

  • Breathing techniques.

  • Friendships

  • Resilience

  • Community Connectedness – Project

  • Healthy Lifestyles

This package also includes two copies of the book From Bullied to Brilliant for your school library which a fantastic resource for teachers, students, and parents.

DREAM GUARDS Perfect P.E.A.C.E Program

The Dream Guards Perfect P.E.A.C.E Program compliments The Dream Guards live stage show and is designed for Prep to Year 6 students.  This interactive and creative program is made up of 26 modules promoting school community connectedness, compassion, mindfulness, and healthy lifestyles.

Most noteworthy is that the Perfect P.E.A.C.E Program has been aligned to the Australian Curriculum Health & Well-Being Framework so teachers are able to deliver it during scheduled class times.

The basis of the program is built around the universal sign for stop. Hand high in the air. To teach children about bullying the five fingers held high spell out the word P.E.A.C.E. Each letter then has a corresponding word which helps them understand bullying and arms them with tools to help them stand up to bullying.

For more information about our unique P.E.A.C.E Program please contact us


Our vision is to appoint a Dream Guard Ambassador in every school across Australia. Standing united as a common thread connecting school communities and upholding the core values of P.E.A.C.E.

Creating a positive ripple effect that will impact on future generations.

Each Dream Guard Ambassador

  • signs a Dream Guard Upstander Pledge
  • receives a framed Upstander certificate
  • receives an Ambassador Badge
  • receives Dream Guard Upstander Certificates & Dream Guard Wristband which they present to a student upholding the P.E.A.C.E tools in the school community, along with a short 1-3 min speech on anti-bullying at weekly school assembly.

As Dream Guards Ambassador I pledge to

  • Show kindness and compassion to all fellow students
  • Be an UPSTANDER and reach out for assistance and support from a friend, teacher or student to help a fellow student who may be being mistreated or bullied
  • Express and report any bullying to a teacher or principal
  • Promote the Dream Guards P.E.A.C.E tools to my fellow students and friends in my community.

P– Protect Yourself and Be Powerful

E– Escape the Situation

A-Armour Yourself up and Build an Imaginary Forcefield

C– Create Strong Friendships – Respect, Compassion, Kindness

E– Express Your Emotions – Report to a Trusted Adult

Upstander bands


If you dream of leaving a legacy…… deliver an experience they will remember for a lifetime. (and yes, you can’t hide from this … you will also be turned into a rockstar on stage)

We are now becoming one of the most sought-after on-site school events in Australia. ( and we have the testimonials from well-respected principals to prove it)

Timing is critical. Principals We would like to request a 15 min call to see if we are a good fit for your school.

For more details call Donna 0412403051 or Email for enquires

A better understanding of what bullying is and the culture of bullying will help both the bullied and bullies - GREAT VIDEOS TO WATCH AND SHARE

For more help and information about bullying please check out these web sites


Bullying No Way

Cyber Bullying resources

Stop Bullying

Reach Out

The Ultimate Parent Guide for Protecting Your Child on the Internet

To whom it may concern
RE: Endorsement of ‘Dream Guards’
My name is Steve McLuckie and I am the Executive Principal of Varsity College. The reason for this letter is to fully support and endorse the Anti-Bullying show “Dream Guards”
From our extensive research, we found it very important that all students in the foundation years of education have experiences and opportunities that go beyond the classroom. These opportunities engage students and provide valuable information to ensure that every child’s health and wellbeing is being supported. The Dream Guards show delivers an outstanding message and arms our children with the tools to support them not only through school but also their lives. The Dream Guards show delivers an inspiring message of self-belief, resilience, healthy lifestyle and arms our students with their unique anti-bullying program of P.E.A.C.E empowering them to stand up to bullying in a positive way.
Both Donna and Michael were very flexible and worked with us in implementing our very own Varsity College wellbeing principles and ethics into their Dream Guards show, which reinforced the important wellbeing framework segments – Resilience, Community, Courage, Healthy Eating, on-line Protocols/etiquette which we had been focussing on in class. Their show brought that learning alive on the stage.
Michael and Donna’s passion for inspiring children was clearly evident from the moment they arrived on campus engaging our students in a memorable, fun and energetic way with magic, balloons, exercise and real-life story-telling. Their show was professionally conducted and has now reinforced the idea in the minds of our children that they all have self-worth, can achieve anything in life and that they each play an important role in our school community.

Steve McLuckie
Executive Principal (Largest primary school in Australia)


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